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Handcrafted knitwear.

Handcrafted baby knitwear from Tasmania, Australia. Woo Knits was born from a desire to create quality and sustainable hand knitted items that are designed to be treasured and to pass down from generation to generation. 

Woo Knits was founded in Tasmania, Australia by Wendy Robinson in 2020.

Our Story

Growing up in the 1960’s knitting was the 'norm' practiced in most households (in my family anyway). Knitting was a craft most mothers undertook predominantly as a cost saver, not so much a hobby as we do. Buying clothing from department stores was saved for special occasions, the remainder of our wardrobe was made up of home knits and hand sewing.
I took an interest in knitting at around 5 years of age. My mother was an avid knitter but being left-handed proved to make teaching me very difficult. My father came to the rescue with a few quick lessons in “man knitting“. Not quite the same, but near enough for me to get the general gist of things. Knitting became a part of my life when I was about 8, I was lucky I had my Aunty who was able to teach me the art of pattern reading and completing projects predominantly with no help.
My knitting journey was put on hold throughout my teen years, teenage years are way too busy to be doing "boring" things like knitting! The needles had a good rest until I was having my first child in the early ‘90’s. Of course this bought back the urge to drag the needles out and create some gorgeous individual pieces for my precious little girl. In the late 1990’s the needles were once again packed away, not to make a resurgence for almost 20 years.
In 2018 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and this would prove to be a life changing in many ways. My daughter by now was 28 and had for years been asking me to knit her a jumper. On discharge from one trip to hospital we went directly to purchase wool and a pattern. The needles had once again come out of retirement and this time they were here to stay!
Fast forward to 2020, I am thrilled to introduce you to Woo Knits. I hope you get as much enjoyment from Woo, as I do from creating these timeless pieces for your little loves.

- Wendy (Woo)